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Fat Trel – “Yasmin Story” [VIDEO]


Fat Trel – “Yasmin Story” [VIDEO]

Fat Trel returns with the release of Yasmin Story video

Fat Trel is responsible for introducing the second era of DC rap. Definitely, Fat Trel got the major co-signs. In 2013, Fat Trel joined Maybach Music, and began making moves to elevate his career. However, Fat Trel went through some legal issues that held him back. While Fat Trel has been a free man, for some time, he doesn’t have the same kind of interest in his music.

Fat Trel still is consistent with his music releases, but the times have changed. Despite Fat Trel influencing quite a few current stars, his popularity is different. However, Fat Trel is a rapper that nobody should count out. History has proven that rappers can take over the entire music industry at the drop of a hat. So to think Fat Trel cannot be on that list is to not think with an open mind.

Fat Trel continues to deliver new music and he dropped more last week. On Friday, Fat Trel released the music video for his newest single. Fat Trel offered up “Yasmin Story” for the masses. With Fat Trel back out, fans are expecting him to release a new project soon.

Fat Trel returns with the release of Yasmin Story video

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