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Freddie Gibbs ft. Rick Ross – “Ice Cream” [VIDEO]


Freddie Gibbs ft. Rick Ross – “Ice Cream” [VIDEO]

Freddie Gibbs recruits Rick Ross for Ice Cream single and video

Freddie Gibbs and Rick Ross share an interesting history. As most know, Freddie Gibbs is a true veteran in the game. Freddie Gibbs was making moves in Gary, Indiana long before Young Jeezy signed him. But Freddie Gibbs did catch Young Jeezy’s attention, so he was signed to CTE. Throughout 2011, Young Jeezy had Freddie Gibbs by his side, and they appeared on a ton of tracks together. However, Jeezy went on a hiatus in 2012, without properly breaking Freddie Gibbs.

There were several Freddie Gibbs album release dates that came and went. Freddie Gibbs began working with Madlib and they made classic projects. While Freddie Gibbs was working with Madlib, Jeezy took his beef with Rick Ross into overdrive. Riding for his team, Freddie Gibbs also fired shots at Rick Ross. Freddie Gibbs backed off his Rick Ross beef when he left CTE and began his own beef with Jeezy. When Rick Ross and Jeezy ended their beef, Ross tried to help Jeezy and Freddie Gibbs make amends.

On his own, Freddie Gibbs has carved out a nice niche for himself. Freddie Gibbs and Madlib have worked together for over ten years. They are a powerful duo and Freddie Gibbs and Madlib will be performing at Coachella. Freddie Gibbs will also be starring in the film Down With The King. Gibbs signed with Warner Records and has released a new single. Remaking Raekwon’s “Ice Cream,” Freddie Gibbs recruited Rick Ross, and kept the song title the same.

Freddie Gibbs recruits Rick Ross for Ice Cream single and video

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