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Fredo Bang – “Dead Man” [VIDEO]


Fredo Bang – “Dead Man” [VIDEO]

Fredo Bang takes on Chicago in Dead Man video

Fredo Bang brings a different kind of energy to the game. In 2016, Fredo Bang rose to fame during a very big year for Baton Rouge hip hop. While Fredo Bang is a force in the game, he is not yet doing the numbers of his counterparts. However, Fredo Bang has a lot of people who are rocking with them, and they are a force to be reckoned with.

Fredo Bang is consistently working on new projects. Last month, Fredo Bang released the Two Face Bang 2 project. The song featured a collection of new songs from Fredo Bang. Among the songs Fredo Bang included on the project is “Dead Man.” Eventually, Fredo Bang decided to release the song as a new single from that project.

Freddie Bang went to the city of Chicago to do the “Dead Man” visual. In the “Dead Man” flick, Fredo Bang is at various spots in Chicago. Among the places where Fredo Bang shoots is in front of United Center. While the arena is iconic, due to the 1990s Chicago Bulls, Fredo Bang is also touring with Lil Durk, and he performed there with him.

Fredo Bang takes on Chicago in Dead Man video

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