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Fredo Bang – “Federal Raid” [VIDEO]


Fredo Bang – “Federal Raid” [VIDEO]

Fredo Bang looks back on the bad old days in Federal Raid video

Increasingly, Fredo Bang has become an artist to pay attention to. A native of Baton Rouge, he is the second most popular rapper from the city. The one who holds the top spot happens to be his biggest rival. However, Fredo Bang is putting on for his city, just like his rival. Both have regenerated interest in the city. Also, they have become bigger stars than the previous people who originally put Baton Rouge on the map.

Fredo Bang has been winning, because he is making the music people relate to. He’s not one older hip hop heads would consider “lyrical,” but he gets his point across. His music relates to the street life, but from a perspective of been there, done that. While Fredo Bang can still get down, if the situation calls for it, he is now enjoying a better life. A few years ago, Fredo Bang signed with Def Jam, and he has enjoyed his millionaire lifestyle since then.

Recently, Fredo Bang announced he was preparing his latest project. The new effort is called 2 Face Bang II and it will drop later this year. In the meantime, Fredo Bang has dropped his new single, “Federal Raid.” This past Friday, Fredo Bang premiered the music video for the single. On the track, Fredo Bang is running down his past life, while with his comrades enjoying his current life.

Fredo Bang looks back on the bad old days in Federal Raid video

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