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Future – “Love You Better” [VIDEO]


Future – “Love You Better” [VIDEO]

Future has P-Valley’s Shannon Thornton in Love You Better video

Future is really having his way with the game. Honestly, it looked like Future was done, prior to the release of I Never Liked You. In his career, Future enjoyed a solid run from 2011 until 2017 or 2018. After that, Future saw his music not have the same kind of commercial reach it once enjoyed. However, Future began a 2020 run, which was comparable to his late 2014 run. This culminated with Future releasing I Never Liked You.

Future rose to the top in 2011, at a time when several Atlanta rappers were blowing up. At the time, most people had their money on Pill, seeing how he had MMG’s backing. However, Future was the one consistently making hits. In the end, Future’s consistency made people forget about everyone else who was in the running. Once Future got in his bag with Drake, he had the game in a chokehold. After a lackluster 2014 run, Future hit the reset button, himself, and took the game over.

Future enjoyed a solid run, but it just looked like his time came and went. However, Future has proven an artist’s time is never up, as long as they commit to keeping new music out. As a result, Future returned with his album, I Never Liked You. After that, Future had another number one album. Now, Future has returned with the video for his single, “Love You Better.” For the video, Future has gotten Shannon Thornton, from “P-Valley,” who plays Miss Mississippi.

Future has P-Valley’s Shannon Thornton in Love You Better video

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