Future – “Worst Day” (co-starring Kevin Samuels) [VIDEO]

Future releases Worst Day video with Kevin Samuels

In recent years, Future has been in the news more for his personal issues than his music. Before and during the fame, Future was dealing with his fair share of women. Being a young man, Future had children with various women. This has given Future a blended family that takes a bit of getting used to, but he’s making it work.

Future put in the work and he came up on the Atlanta hip hop scene. He went from being a local mixtape rapper to doing albums with Drake. As Future saw his popularity rise, he was soon leading his own hit records. In 2017, Future saw a peak in his career, when he dropped his “Mask Off” single. The music video was a classic, as Amber Rose starred in the visual.

Obviously, Future knows what is said about him, and he reads the blogs. The Atlanta rapper actually teamed up with Kevin Samuels for his latest single. When he delivered “Worst Day,” Future actually cast Kevin Samuels to star in the video. The music video pokes a little fun at Future’s turbulent romantic past.

Future releases Worst Day video with Kevin Samuels

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