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Gucci Mane – “Fake Friends” [VIDEO]

Gucci Mane starts 2022 with Fake Friends video

In 2021, Gucci Mane continued his trend of outworking everybody else in the game. When Gucci first entered the game, not many people saw him lasting seventeen years later. But, back then, most rappers were only relevant for three to five years. It’s now considered commonplace for rappers to last twenty years in the game.

However, Gucci Mane isn’t one of those rappers that’s only relevant due to social media. Just like it was, in 2005, Gucci is popular because of his music releases. Nine years ago, people thought Gucci was finished, due to his legal situation, and his decision to diss the entire industry. Instead, five years after that, he posted the highest-charting single of his career.

Gucci Mane is a living testament that no one should ever give up. Before getting into the game, Gucci had his highs and lows. After reaching levels 90% of people would never reach, Gucci endured his lowest of lows, in his career. Despite this, Gucci keeps coming back, and he has returned this time with some of the biggest hits of his career.

Yesterday, Gucci Mane returned with his single, “Fake Friends,” releasing the music video. The song is a simple warning, which is everybody isn’t your friend.

Gucci Mane starts 2022 with Fake Friends video

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