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HHV First Look (NBA Playoffs Edition): Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers


HHV First Look (NBA Playoffs Edition): Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers

Eastern Conference FinalsBy DJ YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Timelines on Facebook and Twitter are jammed up with comments about the NBA Playoffs and it is like this every Spring. But, come to think of it, there is nothing more hip hop than the NBA. Ever since LeBron James signed with the Miami Heat, they have been hip hop’s most-discussed team.

People might not like HOW they came together, but they have to respect the work they put in. Unlike previous failed superteams, the Miami Heat go out and they kick ass every night no matter who they play. Last year, the Miami Heat won the championship in a short season, beating the Indiana Pacers along the way.

Until the past couple seasons, the Indiana Pacers were on team that always gave trouble to the Miami Heat. They were what Lil Wayne is to them now, a thorn in their side. But, last year the Miami Heat got the chip off their shoulder when they beat Indiana in the second round led by strong performances from Dwyane Wade.

This past season, the Miami Heat only beat the Pacers once, losing the season series 2-1. There are very few teams who can pull this off against the Miami Heat. Closing the season on an eight game winning streak, they opened the playoffs with a 4-0 sweep against the Milwaukee Bucks. Miami remained the center of hip hop discussion with Trick Daddy and Uncle Luke arguing over what started as a basketball debate, meanwhile they beat the Chicago Bulls 4-1 to get to the conference finals.

On the other side of the ball, the Indiana Pacers only played 81 of the 82 games because of the Boston bombings. They played a hard fought series against the Atlanta Hawks, but eventually won in six games. No front row Atlanta Hawks’ games for Rocko until October, but the Indiana Pacers would upset the best season in twelve years for the New York Knicks, beating them in six games. Many, including Spike Lee, hoped the Heat/Knicks rivalry would continue this year.

Instead, the world gets the second straight Heat vs. Pacers series and the start of a new rivalry going into the 2013 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. The official promotional single for the 2013 NBA Playoffs is Pitbull’s “Feel This Moment” with Christina Aguilera.

Season Series: 2-1 (Pacers)

Watch the NBA Playoffs promo below:

Watch ESPN’s Heat/Pacers preview below:

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