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HHV Tech: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini [VIDEO]


HHV Tech: Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini [VIDEO]

Samsung Galaxy S4 MiniBy Johnny Marcos
Hip Hop Vibe Tech Writer

With all of this Jay-Z talk and the partnership he has with Samsung to premiere his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, on the Samsung Galaxy, it seemed like the perfect time to check those guys out. Every culture has style, but none of them go as deep as the hip hop culture. Not having the right phone could lead to some pretty hurtful jokes.

But, nobody is getting clowned with their smartphone game if they are rocking the newest from Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has yet to debut in the United States, but it should be out before the next school year starts. Regardless, the phone looks like it will soon be in lyrics from all the leading rappers, starting with Jay-Z.

Yesterday, CNET took a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, trying it out for the public. A phone is only good for a couple months in today’s landscape. People are always switching up phones and they are looking for not only the fastest phone, but also the coolest looking and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is the best of both worlds.

Watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini preview below:

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