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HHV Video of the Week: Rihanna ft. Drake – #WORKvideo


HHV Video of the Week: Rihanna ft. Drake – #WORKvideo

WorkhhvvidBy YRS Jerzy
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Every week and every day, Drake is a major topic of discussion. But, until last month, Rihanna had been out of the public eye for close to four years. Last year saw her make her return to music, when she joined the Jay Z-led streaming service, TIDAL.

Together with Kanye West, Rihanna has helped make TIDAL into a thriving service. Her #ANTI album leak/release definitely increased awareness. Meanwhile, Rihanna has since released the “Work” music video with Drake and topped Billboard.

Rihanna has had an amazing week, as she has re-established herself as the “Grand Damme” of the music industry. Back on top of Billboard is a great place to be. Now, “Work” continues winning, as it is the Video of the Week for Hip Hop Vibe, this week.

Watch “Work” by Rihanna ft. Drake below:

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