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Hip Hop Approved TV: “Martin”


Hip Hop Approved TV: “Martin”

MartinHow did anyone grow up a fan of hip hop and not even catch one episode of “Martin.” The show only lasted five seasons from 1992 until 1997, but the reruns never stopped. When there is nothing else to do in the evening, chilling with an episode of “Martin” is a good way to relax, hilarious jokes and hip hop legends on screen.

“Martin” ran during the height of the East Coast/West Coast drama, but they still managed to get cameos from Snoop Dogg and The Notorious B.I.G. Anybody who was actually old enough to remember this era knows Snoop and Biggie were not trying to push the rap war anyway. Looking back on it, Martin Lawrence could have been a mediator.

Unfortunately, Hip Hop Vibe was not able to snatch an interview from a former star of the show, but this piece is full of entertainment. “Martin” played host to many of the biggest rappers and stars in the game. Charles Barkley, Method Man, and Eddie Murphy guest starred on the show alongside Snoop Dogg and B.I.G.

Watch the classic clips from “Martin” below:


The Notorious B.I.G. on “Martin”

Charles Barkley on “Martin”

Method Man on “Martin”

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