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Hotties of Hip Hop (Love & Hip Hop Edition): Honorable Mentions


Hotties of Hip Hop (Love & Hip Hop Edition): Honorable Mentions

Love & Hip Hop origBy Lady Killa
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Indeed, VH1 knew where to look when they cast the ladies to appear on “Love & Hip Hop” and their Atlanta version. Many of the most-known video vixens and sexiest femcees appear on the franchise of “Love & Hip Hop.” This past week, Hip Hop Vibe has spotlighted only a small portion of the ladies who have been featured on the series.

Many of the women who appeared this past week are also among the most-discussed names in the entire history of “Love & Hip Hop.” But, there are many other women who have been a part of the show and some who still are, that at least deserve one mention. The other ladies have not been overlooked, on the contrary, they have been given today to be spotlighted.

Hip Hop Vibe ran through a list of other “Love & Hip Hop” stars, both past and present, today for people to look over. Each female involved in “Love & Hip Hop” has quite a bit going for themselves and bright futures ahead of them. Although all of the ladies are not in the business for their looks, they are not very hard to look at.

See the honorable mentions of “Love & Hip Hop” below:

Tahiry Jose

Tahiry Jose HHVWhen Hip Hop Vibe launched the original Hotties of Hip Hop, Tahiry Jose was among the ones featured. This is the only reason she does not have a full feature of her own in the “Love & Hip Hop” edition of Hotties of Hip Hop. Tahiry Jose became one of the signature figures from “Love & Hip Hop” in only one season and she has even launched her music career. Her single, “Devil,” has done well with Uncle Murda and Styles P featured.

Watch “Devil” by Tahiry Jose ft. Uncle Murda and Styles P below:
Karlie Redd

Karlie Redd HHVTaking things back down to Atlanta, Karlie Redd is one of the most-discussed names right now. Starting the rumor about Benzino lying on Joseline Hernandez, Karlie Redd finds herself in the position of the villain, once again. Often, she is attacked about her age, but regardless of that, she is indeed a vixen. Seeing Black Men Digital snapped this photo, apparently they felt the same way. Also making her name in the music industry, Karlie Redd has her “Louie, Prada, Gucci” single with Maino.

Watch “Louie, Prada, Gucci” by Karlie Redd ft. Maino below:


Lore'l DAMNOne of the biggest problems Lore’l has had is often being mistaken for a model. Of course, this is a good problem to have. But, do not get it mistaken, Lore’l is actually one of the most-dope emcees out. She got roped into a bit of controversy in her first season of “Love & Hip Hop,” but her mixtape received maximum exposure. Billboard Bytch was released a couple months ago and her “I’m a Problem” single has done incredibly well, although it was released months before she debuted on VH1.

Watch “I’m a Problem” by Lore’l below:

Shay Johnson

Shay JohnsonAs most should remember, Shay Johnson has a history with VH1 that predates that of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Back in 2006, she competed for Flavor Flav’s heart on “Flavor of Love.” In 2007, she was brought back for “Charm School” with Mo’Nique. Many thought they had seen the last of Shay until she resurfaced last summer, sexier than ever. Catching the attention of Lil’ Scrappy, and every other man in sight, Shay Johnson has enjoyed her strong comeback. In this second season of “Love & Hip Hop,” fans can see her remaining in the good graces of Momma Dee.Last summer, Hip Hop Vibe had the chance to do a brief interview with Shay Johnson about her time on “Love & Hip Hop.”

Watch Shay Johnson’s birthday bash below:

Yandy Smith

Yandy SmithEasy on the eyes, Yandy Smith is different from most other reality television stars. For the most part, she remains out of the drama and is a positive role model. In the two years she has starred in “Love & Hip Hop,” Yandy Smith has hosted mixtapes, done fashion shows, worked as a motivational speaker, and much more. At the same time, her sex appeal is through the roof and photos of her body caused one of the earliest confrontations of the third season of “Love & Hip Hop” when Mendeecees Harris fought Yandy’s cousin over “booty pics” of her from her workout session.

Watch “Dance for Mendeecees” by Yandy Smith below:
Emily Bustamante

Emily BustamanteOne of the sexiest women to ever appear on the cast list of “Love & Hip Hop,” Emily Bustamante was only left off the list from this past week because she is no longer a cast member of the series. The strain on her relationship with Fabolous became too much for Emily B to deal with. From the beginning, Fabolous turned down being a part of the show and did not want Emily involved. But, she gave two seasons to the show and gave the world a reason to find out more about her. Now, all the world is left with is the memories.

Watch Emily Bustamante’s photo shoot with Kontrol Magazine below:

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