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How will Ghost overcome adversity and survive in “Power” season three? #PowerTV


How will Ghost overcome adversity and survive in “Power” season three? #PowerTV

Ghost and TommyBy Tony Lesesne
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

At a time when the world needed a serial gangster drama, Starz came through with “Power” and they did it right. They found a writer with a gritty story in Courtney Kemp Abgoh and tapped 50 Cent to give it the full feeling. Then, the casting was superb, as they make the story real.

“Power” is centered around the life of Ghost (Omari Hardwick), whose real name is James St. Patrick. After taking over the dope game with his best friend, Tommy (Joseph Sikora), Ghost found love and a family in Tasha (Naturi Naughton). But, everything soon changed, abruptly.

While Tommy and Tasha feel as if Ghost has it all, with him being the head of the syndicate, Ghost wants to go legit. His true dreams were to be a nightclub owner and dreams come true when he purchases Truth, his nightclub. Tommy sees this as a front business, but Ghost views it as his way out, despite it not bringing the type of money the drug trade does.

Ghost has all kinds of ambitions that his closest friends and family didn’t see coming, but they were exposed when his ex-girlfriend, Angela (Lela Loren) returned to the picture. The married Ghost trashes his marriage with Tasha for Angela, who happens to be a FED who is investigating him. In the first two seasons of “Power,” Ghost fought to keep his true identity from the woman who always believed in him.

Because of Angela’s work and her ethics, Ghost cannot be both with her and running the business with Tommy. In the early episodes of “Power,” Ghost and Tommy had showdowns about this, but season two ended with all-out war between the best friends. Season three picks up with Tommy ready to kill Ghost, as he has left him in a tight spot, with the fallout from the bust falling on him.

The goals Ghost have are for him to transfer the business to Tommy, remaining best friends, while he goes fully legit, as he is now the owner of three nightclubs. But, Tommy is feeling betrayed, despite Ghost getting him off of those sticky charges. There are rules to the street and trying to build a life with a FED is not one of those rules, which means life is tough on Ghost, as even Angela is done with him.

To total it all up, Ghost has Tasha and his family against him, Tommy and the organization against him, and his lover, Angela, is also against him. This is what makes for a good story, so the question is how, exactly, does Ghost intend to get himself out of this mess and survive. Of course, will he manage to do so?

Watch the teaser for “Power” season three below:

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