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Huey V – “After The Deal” [VIDEO]


Huey V – “After The Deal” [VIDEO]

Huey V celebrates his new venture in After The Deal video

In Milwaukee, the city is getting a lot of attention, right now. While a lot of that has to do with Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks, it’s spilled over into the rest of the city. Every city has a rap scene. Milwaukee has a few rappers making noise. Huey V is a Milwaukee rapper and he’s now making the most noise, as he signed with Roc Nation, via Warehouse Music Group.

Huey V has been grinding, for some time. His work caught the attention of Memphis Bleek. Forever Jay-Z’s right hand man, Memphis Bleek never became the rapper to top the charts. Ultimately, Bleek said he was never that guy. The guy he has proven to be, though, is one with an eye for talent. Jay-Z has pulled off huge corporate deals, leading to Roc Nation’s formation. Bleek, meanwhile, runs Warehouse, which is a sub-label.

Already, Memphis Bleek has signed the likes of Manolo Rose and Casanova. But, Bleek’s goals with Warehouse are to be more than a NYC label. He wasted no time signing Huey V to Warehouse. Huey V signed to Warehouse Music Group/Roc Nation, a few days ago. Already, Huey V is putting that work in. He returned with his single, “After The Deal,” last week. Now, he has returned with the “After The Deal” music video.

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