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Icewear Vezzo ft. Key Glock – “Whatever” [VIDEO]


Icewear Vezzo ft. Key Glock – “Whatever” [VIDEO]

Icewear Vezzo and Key Glock deliver Whatever video

Icewear Vezzo is a determined artist who has made sure he makes it happen. A true boss, Icewear Vezzo has his Iced Up label, and he was also the first rapper signed to Motown Records. Representing Detroit, Icewear Vezzo is one artist from the Motor City who does it right. As a result, Icewear Vezzo has become one of the most popular rising artists from Detroit. In addition, Icewear Vezzo is amassing a decent fan base from the rest of the world.

Icewear Vezzo hails from a city known for its deep music culture, Detroit. At one point, the Midwestern city was an epicenter. In many ways, Detroit is similar to Memphis, another city known for its music history. Whereas Detroit had Motown, Memphis had Stax, and both movements shaped music. Not only did they make history, but they also laid the groundwork for today. In today’s time, Detroit has Icewear Vezzo, and Memphis has Key Glock. Together, Icewear and Key Glock did this…

Icewear Vezzo experienced a ton of success with his Rich Off Pints 3 project. In addition, Icewear Vezzo had numerous notable guest appearances. Among the most popular features was Key Glock. Currently, Key Glock is in the midst of taking over the PRE movement. Helping in that effort is Icewear Vezzo, who featured Key Glock on “Whatever.” This week, Icewear Vezzo returned with the official music video for the “Whatever” single.

Icewear Vezzo and Key Glock deliver Whatever video

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