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J.R.Clark ft. Buddah – “Life Ain’t Fair” [VIDEO]
J.R.Clark Life Ain't Fair video

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J.R.Clark ft. Buddah – “Life Ain’t Fair” [VIDEO]

J.R.Clark is the independent artist that most artists claim to be. He has his own company and records out of his home studio. But, this is an artist who has truly invested in himself. His home studio is actually a high-end studio. This is where all of his records are recorded. Meanwhile, he releases his music through his label, Vintage Sound Entertainment.

Completely independent, J.R.Clark has his own in-house marketing team. They have helped him go on an incredible run, in 2021. This year saw a shift happen, in hip hop. Several artists who were previously breaking through emerged. Many artists saw their rise to fame enter completion, this year. On the other hand, some older artists fell from grace.

When it comes to J.R.Clark, he continued to rise. Earlier this month, he released the music video for his single, “Life Ain’t Fair.” On this single, he breaks down the dangers of independent artists signing to major labels. At the same time, he doesn’t make the majors out to be the villains, like most independent artists do.

His single, “Life Ain’t Fair,” features Buddah. This single continues a journey of true independence. He has been delivering big records for a while, now.

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