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Jada Ali ft. Detwan Love – “2 Goats” [VIDEO]

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Jada Ali ft. Detwan Love – “2 Goats” [VIDEO]

Jada Ali comes up big with Detwan Love in 2 Goats video

Midwest hip hop, as a whole, is hot right now. In Michigan, Detroit gets all of the attention, but Flint has a bubbling scene too. For the most part, all of the Midwest rappers are males. But there’s a good chance the hottest rising Midwest rapper is a woman. Jada Ali is really killing the competition, right now. While it is Jada Ali’s music, it’s not just that. On top of everything she’s doing, Jada Ali has a billboard on Times Square.

Jada Ali, lyrically, is one of the coldest emcees in the game. Unlike previous eras in hip hop, women are killing the game. Female rap is no longer a niche and people like Jada Ali are just doing the competition in. Along with her work as an artist, Jada Ali is handling her business. As an independent artist, Jada Ali releases her music through her Round Table Association label. Really, Jada Ali is doing what she has to in order to make her presence felt.

With the spring season here, Jada Ali is promoting her newest project. Jada Ali is hard at work putting the finishing touches on Hard To Love, which is her newest project. Already, Jada Ali has one song out there serving as the lead single. Before it’s all said and done, Jada Ali will likely have people talking more about this single. Jada Ali released “2 Goats” as her newest single, featuring Detwan Love. This is the second single from the project.

Jada Ali comes up big with Detwan Love in 2 Goats video

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