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Jake Paul – “Dana White Diss Track” [VIDEO]


Jake Paul – “Dana White Diss Track” [VIDEO]

Jake Paul chokes Dana White in diss track video

One of the most enigmatic people in entertainment is Jake Paul. He is the man behind a lot of these celebrity fights, alongside his brother, Logan Paul. They have called out countless celebrities, including the likes of Floyd Mayweather. Jake Paul has had an interesting rise to fame, actually beginning his career as a Disney child star. While on Disney, he launched his professional boxing career.

Jake Paul is now best-known for the celebrity fights and the social media boasting. Being outspoken, Jake Paul has gained his fair share of enemies. Currently, Jake Paul is embroiled in beef with Dana White, of the UFC Contender Series, on ESPN. Their situation has become so serious, to Jake Paul, that he has decided to target him with a diss track.

When Jake Paul decided he was going at Dana White, he decided he didn’t have time to come up with an elaborate title. So, Jake Paul decided to keep it simple with the song’s title. He simply called the song “Dana White Diss Track.” The title says it all, as Jake Paul dissed Dana White on this track. In the music video, Jake Paul choked Dana White out with a headlock.

Jake Paul chokes Dana White in diss track video

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