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Jarrett Allen kicks Jordan Clarkson in the butt | Cavaliers at Jazz [VIDEO]


Jarrett Allen kicks Jordan Clarkson in the butt | Cavaliers at Jazz [VIDEO]

Jarrett Allen kicks Jordan Clarkson in the butt

In the NBA, during games, some strange things happen. The game is centered around ten guys all fighting for one ball. Anything can happen, as people position themselves best to get their hands on the ball. Tonight, the Utah Jazz hosted the Cleveland Cavaliers, who handed them their fourth straight loss. At 111-91, the game wasn’t close.

This season, the NBA have had a handful of surprise teams. Leading that pack is the Memphis Grizzlies, led by Ja Morant, and they have dominated the Lakers and beaten the Golden State Warriors. All of this has been a part of their 10-game win streak. The Chicago Bulls have also been a surprise team, currently holding the East’s best record.

Another surprise team is the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are flying under the radar, compared to the other teams. Through most of the season, they held a top four record in the East. However, the Nets, Bucks, and Heat got their act together. Currently, the Cavs hold the sixth spot in the East. Heading into Utah, the Cavaliers were playing a team on a three game winning streak.

The Cavaliers went out there and took care of business, winning 111-91. Along the way, there was a moment where Jordan Clarkson got kicked in the butt by Jarrett Allen. The two were fighting for position, as Clarkson tried to set a screen. This led to Allen taking his frustrations out the way that he took it out.

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