Joey Bada$$ – “Temptation” [VIDEO]

Joey Bada$$ releases video for melodic single Temptation

When speaking of young OGs, Joey Bada$$ fits this description. Nearly a decade ago, Joey Bada$$ put New York on his back, as a teenager. One of the youngest in the game, Joey Bada$$ was immediately one of the top lyricists in the game. The leader of Pro Era, Joey Bada$$ began catching the attention from fans, on a national level, in 2012.

Joey Bada$$ was initially hailed as the “next” this and the “future” that. But Joey Bada$$ has proven that he is the first Joey Bada$$. Truly one of one, Joey Bada$$ has kept at least a little bit of new music out every year since 2012. Aside from music, Joey Bada$$ is a well-known actor, starting with “Mr. Robot,” but is more known for his role as ‘Unique,’ on “Raising Kanan.”

While Joey Bada$$ plays a villain on Starz, he is the protagonist on his latest single. Joey Bada$$ is simply a young man looking for some guidance. On his single, “Temptation,” Joey Bada$$ is dealing with the distractions of life. The song was originally released in 2017, off Joey Bada$$’ All-American Bada$$, and he has since delivered the music video for the single.

Joey Bada$$ releases video for melodic single Temptation

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