Joey Bada$$ – “THE REV3NGE” [VIDEO]

Joey Bada$$ delivers triumphant music video for The Revenge

In the rap game, Joey Bada$$ made himself a star, back in 2013. But, since the summer, he has played a huge role on “Power Book III: Raising Kanan.” On this new series, Joey Bada$$ plays Unique, the main antagonist of the show. Here, he has shown real acting chops, as Unique is the TV villain that people love to hate.

Joey Bada$$ introduced himself to a whole new audience, when he entered the “Power” universe. One thing about them is that they support their actors in all of their endeavors. That is, unless the character really crosses the main character. While Unique has done some dirt, he hasn’t gotten himself into anything too unforgiving, yet.

Whatever the case, Joey Bada$$ is back with new music to begin a new year. The Brooklyn rapper is in the midst of his takeover of the game. Already, he’s had success with his single, “THE REV3NGE,” which is still having success. Since then, Joey has returned to deliver the music video for the song, and it’s nearing 1 million views. So far, so good, for Joey this year.

Joey Bada$$ delivers triumphant music video for The Revenge

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