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JulianFade – “4th Quarter” [VIDEO]

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JulianFade – “4th Quarter” [VIDEO]

JulianFade delivers music video for his new single 4th Quarter

JulianFade is an up-and-coming artist trying to make a name for himself. When it comes to having dreams, it never gets easier. However, if a person truly wants it, they go harder. JulianFade is in that place where he is going harder. Coming into the game with no connections, JulianFade is doing everything on an organic level.

JulianFade has relationships with other rising rappers. Even without having a proper team, building alliances is important. JulianFade has aligned himself with other people working towards a goal, it’s as simple as that. With the work JulianFade is putting in, he has a lot of people who could potentially become fans of his. As a result, he keeps working.

JulianFade is making the biggest moves of his career. People tend to overlook the ones who do not amass a certain number. But that’s not the way to be, because a lot of people are working. With JulianFade, he is pushing this thing and building his own machine. All that being said, it’s the “4th Quarter” for JulianFade, and that is the name of his new single.

JulianFade delivers music video for his new single 4th Quarter

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