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Just Rich Gates – “Welcome to Richtana World” [VIDEO]

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Just Rich Gates – “Welcome to Richtana World” [VIDEO]

Just Rich Gates releases Welcome to Richtana World video

Just Rich Gates introduces the world to his new project with his “Welcome to Richtana World” video. In South Carolina, Gates has been putting in major work for years, now. Building his momentum, Gates has worked alongside many of the biggest names in hip hop. Now, Gates finds himself leading one of the most-popular movements in the music industry.

As an independent artist, Just Rich Gates has done more than most could imagine. Neither independent, nor major, stars have seen what this man has seen. Earlier this year, he went through the battle of his life, and won that battle. Again, a situation like this would’ve ended the average man. With Gates, it definitely slowed him down, but he kept putting in work.

Just Rich Gates has been promoting his new mixtape for a few weeks. Today, Gates dropped the new project to the masses. This afternoon, Gates dropped the Tony Richtana 2.5 mixtape and he is currently giving it the proper push. But, along with the mixtape, he dropped the “Welcome to Richtana World” music video. That ends a year that began with TikTok success.

Just Rich Gates releases Welcome to Richtana World video

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