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K Camp – “Woozie” [VIDEO]


K Camp – “Woozie” [VIDEO]

K Camp drops the video for his anthem Woozie

K Camp put himself on the map, in a big way, in 2014. Back then, K Camp built his popularity on the mixtape level. After that, K Camp dropped “Cut Her Off,” featuring 2 Chainz. “Cut Her Off” served as the anthem for men who refused to get played. As a result, K Camp got both the summer anthem, and a record deal with Interscope Records.

K Camp emerged at a time when a lot of future stars were coming up. The ones who are currently dominating were looking up at K Camp, back then. While K Camp had the potential to be a major star, he dealt with label issues. Due to this, K Camp ended up falling from the spotlight. Meanwhile, his counterparts became mega stars.

K Camp is far from over and he is still dropping heat. Not only did K Camp renegotiate his deal, but he kept innovating. The fact of the matter is K Camp was always good for a hit. So K Camp took his career back into his own hands. In fact, K Camp has the majors working for him. This week, K Camp dropped his single, “Woozie,” and also delivered the official visuals.

K Camp drops the video for his anthem Woozie

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