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Karlie Redd ft. Shorty Corleone – “Heartbreaker” [VIDEO]


Karlie Redd ft. Shorty Corleone – “Heartbreaker” [VIDEO]

Shorty Corleone gets Karlie Redd co-sign in Heartbreaker video

Karlie Redd is an industry veteran, but the world didn’t get to know her until 2012. Over the past decade, Karlie Redd has stirred in the messy drama on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” In Karlie Redd’s time, she has also appeared on the flagship “Love & Hip Hop,” and the other spinoffs in Miami and Hollywood. During this run, Karlie Redd and Yung Joc have had all kinds of drama.

Shorty Corleone, meanwhile, is a legend from Washington, DC. While the current generation may not be aware of Shorty Corleone, he is a go go legend. Shorty Corleone rose to prominence in the 1980s, as a member of Rare Essence. In 1991, Rare Essence was signed by Diddy, then known as Puff Daddy, along with Andre Harrell, to Uptown Records. Rare Essence released their hit single, “Work The Walls,” in 1992.

Quite a bit has changed for both Karlie Redd and Shorty Corleone. For some time, Karlie Redd has been working on music. Meanwhile, Shorty Corleone decided to pursue his solo career. With Karlie Redd trying to make a name outside of the show and Shorty Corleone going solo, they wound up in the studio together. Karlie Redd and Shorty Corleone came out with “Heartbreaker,” a song they believe will blow up.

Shorty Corleone gets Karlie Redd co-sign in Heartbreaker video

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