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Kehlani – “everything” [VIDEO]


Kehlani – “everything” [VIDEO]

Kehlani returns with visuals for new single everything

Kehlani went through a lot of changes before Blue Water Road was released. The biggest Kehlani change was coming out as non binary. Kehlani no longer assigns themselves to a specific gender. As Kehlani goes on this self exploration journey, the music flows. After a two year hiatus, Kehlani returned with Blue Water Road. With Kehlani releasing Blue Water Road, it became her third studio album.

Kehlani is a proven force in the game. In 2013, Kehlani saw a lot of mixtape success. Suddenly, Kehlani went from being a local Bay Area artist to being on major records. Among the people Kehlani got to work with included Eminem and The Game. Kehlani is credited for being an R&B singer, who actually sings. The current R&B era is not about vocals. As a result, Kehlani receives major praise.

Kehlani released her album, Blue Water Road, on Friday and has received critical acclaim. Along with Kehlani releasing the album, she released a visual. When Kehlani was promoting the album, she released three singles ahead of the release date. As Kehlani actually released Blue Water Road, she came with “everything” getting the single rollout. To that end, Kehlani released the music video.

Kehlani returns with visuals for new single everything

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