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Kehlani – “melt” [VIDEO]


Kehlani – “melt” [VIDEO]

Kehlani returns with the romantic Melt music video

Kehlani has come a long way in nine years. Through their career, Kehlani has had many ups and downs. While Kehlani has many hits, their most played song is probably their appearance on Cardi B’s “Ring.” In the years since then, Kehlani has kept dropping hits. While Kehlani has several hits, they only have three official studio albums under their belt.

Kehlani recently released their third album and there was much fanfare. Blue Water Road was actually announced last year. However, Kehlani took their time in getting this album completed and released. As Kehlani released the new album, the album was met with positive reviews. In between albums, Kehlani made a huge personal announcement. It turns out, Kehlani is non binary.

Kehlani deals with the subject of love on Blue Water Road. The fans have watched Kehlani date men and women. In addition, Kehlani had a child. After that, Kehlani came out as non binary. As a result, Kehlani has a wider dating pool than most. In “melt,” Kehlani tackles that, as they make it evident they are another person out here just looking for love.

Kehlani returns with the romantic Melt music video

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