Kenny Muney – “Petro” [VIDEO]

Kenny Muney launches Time Is Muney with Petro video

A Memphis native, Kenny Muney is the next Paper Route artist the label was focusing on. Paper Route Empire is the record label founded by Young Dolph. In his career, Dolph had a legendary mixtape run. As he was getting older, Young Dolph began focusing on developing the Paper Route roster. Dolph invested a lot into Key Glock, who was devastated by the news of his death.

Young Dolph was murdered, just days before Thanksgiving. What truly hurt about Dolph’s death is all the good he was doing for the world. Even Young Dolph’s dying moments were for someone else. The rapper-turned-record executive was actually buying his mother cookies, when he died. There has been an ongoing investigation since Young Dolph’s murder.

Daily, Young Dolph was developing Key Glock, and he was investing in Kenny Muney. While Dolph isn’t here, physically, he remains a strong presence in spirit. The investment in Kenny Muney is ongoing, as he is preparing his Time Is Muney mixtape release for next week. Kenny Muney launched the project, today, with the release of his single, “Petro.” This morning, Kenny Muney released the “Petro” music video.