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Key Glock – “Grammys” [VIDEO]


Key Glock – “Grammys” [VIDEO]

Key Glock celebrates the Grammys with new music video

In November, Key Glock was thrust into an unexpected situation. Key Glock had to deal with Young Dolph’s murder, when the focus was to be on Glock’s music. As Key Glock was on this journey, he had Young Dolph by his side. Dolph was getting on Key Glock’s tracks and taking him around to show him the game. Once Young Dolph died, Key Glock had to figure things out on his own.

Key Glock was already being put in position to become Paper Route’s flagship artist. Young Dolph dying put Key Glock in that position a little sooner than expected. Glock stepped up to the plate and has come up big. The job is for Key Glock to become one of the biggest rappers in the game. So, with that being said, Key Glock is working to take on that top spot.

During the Grammy weekend, Key Glock dropped his own song called “Grammys.” The goal that Key Glock has is to win several Grammy awards. Key Glock is well on his way to an award winning career. As Key Glock was celebrating with his own “Grammys,” in the video Glock reflects on his Memphis upbringing.

Key Glock celebrates the Grammys with new music video

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