Kodak Black – “Usain Boo” [VIDEO]

Kodak Black pulls up to the track in Rolls Royce in Usain Boo video

Kodak Black is one of only a handful of rappers that’s lived up to the hype. What’s so scary about Kodak Black is that he actually is still playing far below his potential. When Kodak Black first began going viral, he had the potential to become a major star. In 2016, Kodak Black signed to Atlantic Records, but his antics wound up putting him behind bars. Despite this, Kodak Black has managed to consistently drop Billboard Hot 100 top ten singles.

Kodak Black first charted, five years ago, and has been good for at least one hit a year. Through his career, Kodak Black has released major hits by himself, and with major artists. Early on, Kodak Black had the guidance of an OG in the game. However, the bridge ended up being burned between the two of them. As unfortunate as the situation is, Kodak Black has continued to have success in the game. On the flipside, he continues to have his legal struggles, as well.

Kodak Black released his new album, Back For Everything, earlier this year. With the album’s title, Kodak Black was letting it be known how he was coming. Now, Kodak Black has returned with another single from the album. The single is “Usain Boo,” which Kodak Black performed with his son, last month. Now, Kodak has returned with the official music video, where he pulls up on some folks who are running track to stunt.

Kodak Black pulls up to the track in Rolls Royce in Usain Boo video

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