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Lakeyah – “I Look Good” [VIDEO]


Lakeyah – “I Look Good” [VIDEO]

Lakeyah promotes self love with I Look Good video

Lakeyah is signed to Quality Control and she made big moves last year. Despite Lakeyah being signed to a major label, she did not wait on them to make moves. Instead, Lakeyah made her own moves, recruiting DJ Drama. Together, Lakeyah and DJ Drama created her My Time mixtape. The Milwaukee rapper/singer/multi-talent garnered much attention at the end of 2021.

Lakeyah has kept a relatively low profile during the first half of 2022. However, Lakeyah wants to let it be known that she is not a one year wonder. What Lakeyah did in 2021 helped to introduce her to a more national audience. With Lakeyah back with new music, she is setting out to prove that she can be a national star.

Lakeyah returned, last week, with her latest single. Titled “I Look Good,” Lakeyah is promoting all kinds of positivity. More people need to celebrate their being and Lakeyah gave them an anthem. In the music video, Lakeyah is out there with her girls in the gym working out. Not only does Lakeyah look good, she is workout out to make sure she stays that way, looking good.

Lakeyah promotes self love with I Look Good video

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