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Latin Drill Rapper Moreno ITF Shares “RUFF” Video


Latin Drill Rapper Moreno ITF Shares “RUFF” Video

At the Latin culture and NY drill is Dominican born, Bronx-bred artist Moreno ITF. He’s the pioneer of the new wave of Latin Drill himself and he recently shared a new visual “RUFF,” out now. The visual can be described as an artful masterpiece where he truly showcases his storytelling abilities.

The single, “RUFF” was released alongside an official music video directed by frequent collaborator Dny Lugo, serving as the sequel to Moreno ITF’s summer release “Berkin.” The viewer gets a glimpse of the long night spent partying in “Berkin,” which leads to an inevitable late return home to a frustrated lover in “Ruff.”

“‘RUFF’ is inspired by a love story that I think we can all relate to – at least the people that come from where I come from,” he elaborated. “When you’re in a position in life when you have to go out and make money in an ‘unconventional’ way and it can take up a lot of your time. You get home late and your girl gets mad at you for that, but at the same time, she’s pushing you to go out and get that money – so it’s like a dilemma trying to make it all work and I think a lot of my listeners will be able to relate.”

Moreno ITF is an artist that showcases the realities and struggles that manifest when the unconventional lifestyle of a gangster meets the practicalities of a committed relationship; and the result is not your typical drill song.

“I hope that fans can take away that I never stop and neither should they,” Moreno ITF said. “All the stories I tell through my songs all have a direct personal connection to me, and even though I’ve been through those things, I’ll never stop grinding. I take all of the good and bad situations I’ve been through and make them a part of my music and count them towards my success too because it’s important to stay resilient and never stop when you want something.”

“RUFF” is the last single to be released from Moreno ITF’s debut EP Gangoso World, which will be the first full taste of the gangoso sound, out December 2nd, 2022.

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