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LeBron James gets his 10,000th career assist | Lakers at Suns [VIDEO]


LeBron James gets his 10,000th career assist | Lakers at Suns [VIDEO]

LeBron James gets 10000th career assist

This season, LeBron James has had very few things go his way. Despite putting together a terrific roster, the Los Angeles Lakers have struggled to win. Not only is the roster filled with former franchise players, most of them are future Hall of Fame players. That’s great for their legacies, because this season has been a stain on it. Along with that, the Lakers have taken some losses that could have been avoided. The loss last night was not one of them.

LeBron James has dominated in every statistical category throughout his career. At this point, a lot of critics say LeBron should play his final seasons to set a new scoring record. Combining his playoffs and regular season points, LeBron James is the top scorer of all time. Much of that is attributed due to him playing in eight consecutive NBA Finals. To put it into perspective, LeBron James has played nineteen years in the league, and ten of those seasons have seen him make the Finals.

Last season, the Phoenix Suns eliminated LeBron’s Lakers in the first round. This was their first challenge en route to their first NBA Finals appearance in twenty eight years. Since then, the Suns have risen to become the NBA’s best team. The Suns hosted the Los Angeles Lakers last night and rolled them 140-111. This game meant the season is effectively over for the Lakers, who continue losing games. All was not lost, though, as LeBron James’ assist to Carmelo Anthony was the 10,000th of his career.

LeBron James gets 10000th career assist

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