Lil Dude – “Face Off” [VIDEO]

Lil Dude returns with Face Off video while mourning Goonew

In the DMV area, Lil Dude has been making major noise, for some time. Lil Dude and Goonew have had a huge impact on the local hip hop scene in the DMV. Of course, Goonew died last month, and the game hasn’t been the same. Even in death, Goonew sparked controversy, after his body went viral for being in the club. Goonew’s mother would speak to the news and tell them this was actually her son’s dying wish.

As far as the rest, Lil Dude is going to continue building what they started. Lil Dude and Goonew were partners on the DMV scene. While Lil Dude and Goonew were not an official duo, they have tons of songs together. Over a five year span, Lil Dude and Goonew made a lot happen, and they are regarded as legends.

Lil Dude is having to contend with Goonew no longer being here. Losing a friend has to hurt, especially when it’s like Lil Dude and Goonew, who also work together. But, Lil Dude and Goonew were a team before, and they are a team now. Since Goonew is no longer here, Lil Dude is holding it down, delivering his new single, “Face Off.” Lil Dude delivered the music video for this single.

Lil Dude returns with Face Off video while mourning Goonew

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