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Lil Migo ft. Quavo – “Migo Sh*t” [VIDEO]


Lil Migo ft. Quavo – “Migo Sh*t” [VIDEO]

Lil Migo brings Migo Sh-t video to life with Quavo

Over the past year, Lil Migo has made a lot of noise. He came up, huge, last year, having a ton of breakthrough success. After a few years of making his moves, Lil Migo wound up putting himself in the category of some of the biggest names in the game. Signed to Blac Youngsta’s Heavy Camp, he is already around people like Yo Gotti, who has become one of hip hop’s biggest executives.

Hip hop has changed and Lil Migo is a part of this change. What many have failed to realize is that this change signals how the game is, right now. There are many artists who indeed have similar sounds and styles, that’s just what it is now. So, everything now boils down to the delivery and the stage presence. When it comes to those things, Lil Migo stands out among the other rappers doing their thing.

Lil Migo delivered his single, “Migo Sh*t,” and he recruited Quavo for the hook. There are only a few rappers who know anything about that Migo lifestyle and Quavo is one who made it famous. With that being said, it was only right for Lil Migo to have him on the track. The music video is already among the trending music videos on YouTube.

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