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Lil Poppa and Yo Gotti – “H Spot” [VIDEO]


Lil Poppa and Yo Gotti – “H Spot” [VIDEO]

Lil Poppa signs with CMG and drops H Spot video with Yo Gotti

Lil Poppa is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. Florida has been the home to many emerging artists. Among them is Lil Poppa, who is down there making noise. Yo Gotti announced CM10: Free Game was his final album. Since 2016, Yo Gotti has increasingly focused on expanding the CMG roster. Thus far, Yo Gotti has done well, as two of his artists are among the biggest in the game.

Lil Poppa has been making noise for quite some time. In Jacksonville, Florida, Lil Poppa is one of a few rappers that have good momentum behind them. However, Lil Poppa stands out from the rest because he has his own sense of style. At a day and age when everyone claims to be an innovator, Lil Poppa stands out by doing the same things in a different way.

Lil Poppa is out here building the right teams, because he has gotten signed. Being independent is what is preached to artists. While that works for some, it may not work for others. Honestly, finding the right deal that works is what should be preached. Lil Poppa believes he has done that with CMG. Now, Lil Poppa makes the deal official with the release of “H Spot,” with Gotti.

Lil Poppa signs with CMG and drops H Spot video with Yo Gotti

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