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Lil Pump – “Splurgin” [VIDEO]

Lil Pump drops Splurgin video ahead of Lil Pump 2 project

Lil Pump brought new energy into the Miami hip hop scene, in 2017. At the time, DJ Khaled was in the middle of his epic run. While Khaled has made great strides, the We The Best label has normally lagged a little behind. As 2018 rolled around, Lil Pump was one of the hottest unsigned rapper in the industry. All signs pointed to Lil Pump signing with We The Best. This came after Lil Pump had a meeting with DJ Khaled, at Khaled’s Miami mansion.

Lil Pump ultimately decided to sign with Warner, and there was a lot surrounding that. Ultimately, the situation was worked out, and Lil Pump was free to continue his rise to being a rap giant. Along the way, Lil Pump has made his own rules. As a result, Lil Pump has his own lane. A lot of people love Lil Pump’s unique vocals. Despite being a rapper, Lil Pump’s voice captivates the audience. At the same time, unlike so many other rappers, Lil Pump does not rely on harmonizing.

Lil Pump was the rare rapper to build buzz and then drop an album. These days, rappers rely on dropping various forms of “projects.” However, Lil Pump came with a self titled album. After that, Lil Pump dropped his Harvard Dropout album two years later, in 2019. After a fake retirement, a real hiatus, and an overlooked album, Lil Pump is back. Yesterday, Lil Pump dropped “Splurgin,” and the video, off the Lil Pump 2 sequel.

Lil Pump drops Splurgin video ahead of Lil Pump 2 project

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