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Lil Rekk – “Kiddin Me” [VIDEO]


Lil Rekk – “Kiddin Me” [VIDEO]

Lil Rekk brings high energy in Kiddin Me music video

Just a friendly reminder, Lil Rekk is an artist people need to stop sleeping on. The Philadelphia rapper is out here posting major numbers. With his “Ooters” music video, Lil Rekk has done 1.5 million views in a little over two months. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, where Lil Rekk is concerned. He began 2022 with the release of his 1ONE mixtape, released via Highbridge The Label.

Lil Rekk is dealing with what comes during the early stages of fame. Until recently, Lil Rekk was a local guy, who just happened to be a rapper. But, in 2021, Lil Rekk transformed into one of the most-promising rising stars in the music industry. Going from being a local, Lil Rekk is now becoming one of the most-popular rising acts in the game.

Currently, Lil Rekk has a lot of momentum behind his latest music. He is fresh off the release of the 1ONE mixtape and Lil Rekk has the attention of many major players. Lil Rekk has had a lot of support for the mixtape track, “Kiddin Me,” and he decided to give it the single treatment. Yesterday, Lil Rekk returned with the release of the “Kiddin Me” music video.

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