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Lil Rekk – “PTSD” [VIDEO]


Lil Rekk – “PTSD” [VIDEO]

Lil Rekk delivers PTSD music video

The Highbridge label rose to fame behind A Boogie, who became a star in 2016. However, the label has worked to expand their roster. Primarily known for having NYC artists on their roster, they have expanded to have Lil Rekk on the roster. A Philadelphia native, Lil Rekk is definitely getting his name out there.

Lil Rekk represents Philly, a city that has an incredible hip hop history. Many of the biggest names in Hollywood hail from the city of Philadelphia. One name comes to mind when one thinks of Philly rappers who have achieved immense success and that’s Will Smith. When it comes to rap, no rapper from the city has enjoyed the kind of longevity that Meek Mill has. Of course, Rekk is his own man, when it comes to what he’s doing in his career.

Recently, Lil Rekk released his 1ONE mixtape, which is enough said about his plans for the game. As he continues his journey, he has returned with the “PTSD” music video release. This single is actually the one in promotion of his newest project. The year of 2022 is primed for Lil Rekk to go on a run that will establish him as a star.

Lil Rekk delivers PTSD music video

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