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Lil Rekk – “Time” [VIDEO]

Lil Rekk returns with new video for Time

Signed to Highbridge The Label, Lil Rekk is from North Philly. Lil Rekk is considered one of the most-promising rappers in the game. In early lists, Lil Rekk is among the top when it comes to 2022 rappers to be on the lookout for. This year, Lil Rekk did enough to have his name mentioned alongside the major players.

Definitely, Lil Rekk is happy to be mentioned among the greats. But, being a rapper is like being a professional athlete, it’s competitive. The competitive nature in Lil Rekk makes him want to be one of the greats. For 2021, a mention was good, but 2022 is going to see him actually make a play to be one of those greats.

Lil Rekk is really making some big moves, out here. Delivering his music video for “Ooters,” he reached 1.4 million views. Last week, Lil Rekk released the music video for his single, “Time.” If he marches towards the millions, with this video, he will definitely be on his way to being one of the top rising 2022 artists. There’s a lot of potential with this one.

Lil Rekk returns with new video for Time

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