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Lil Skies ft. Landon Cube – “PlayThisAtMyFuneral” [VIDEO]


Lil Skies ft. Landon Cube – “PlayThisAtMyFuneral” [VIDEO]

Lil Skies returns with PlayThisAtMyFuneral music video

For over five years, Lil Skies has released music on the internet. Just releasing music online led to Lil Skies changing his entire life. A Pennsylvania rapper, Lil Skies is a native of Waynesboro, as opposed to Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. Lil Skies saw his popularity rise and then the majors got involved. Atlantic Records signed him. Around the same time, Lil Skies joined Roc Nation.

Lil Skies has two of the biggest companies in the industry behind him. Still, Lil Skies has stuck to his viral roots. Over the past five years plus, Lil Skies has become a true force in the game. How Lil Skies wins is from keeping singles out. While there are still rappers who drop mixtapes, Lil Skies’ era more focuses on dropping singles.

Last summer, Lil Skies dropped “Play This At My Funeral,” and it was successful. On the song, Lil Skies collaborated with Landon Cube. The two made a memorable track, but Lil Skies never dropped a music video for it. This week, Lil Skies changed this, dropping the official “Play This At My Funeral” music video, featuring Landon Cube.

Lil Skies returns with PlayThisAtMyFuneral music video

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