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Lil Tati – “Handstand” [VIDEO]


Lil Tati – “Handstand” [VIDEO]

Lil Tati cruises in his Rolls Royce in Handstand music video

In Miami, there is an esteemed history in hip hop, which dates back to the 1980s. Several Miami rappers have achieved levels of mainstream success. As a solo artist, Trick Daddy arguably had the most-success, whereas Rick Ross had the highest profile. However, there are several other artists that are working to take both of those titles. Currently, Lil Tati looks like the one who is going to take that position.

Lil Tati is making a lot of noise, right now, as he’s been putting in tons of work, over the past few years. It is a challenge doing anything that operates outside of the norm. By no means is there any question of what Lil Tati can do, when it comes to the music. But, being a talented musician has nothing to do with being a star, or even remotely successful in the music industry.

Entering 2022, Lil Tati made the decision he was going to go for it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else believes, as Lil Tati believes he can be the number one rapper in the game. Lil Tati has been consistently coming with dope music. Recently, Lil Tati returned with the video for his single, “Handstand,” and has done 1.2 million views, so far.

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