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Lil Tecca – “Fallin” [VIDEO]

Lil Tecca floats in the air in Fallin music video

Representing Queens, Lil Tecca has been one of the most popular rising rappers in the game. In 2017, Lil Tecca first started making noise. It wasn’t long before he made the transition from being a SoundCloud rapper to being a household name. In this current era, Lil Tecca is a rising force in the game. Lil Tecca has made people pay attention to him and put him in the conversation.

Lil Tecca went on a strong run, last summer, to prove he could be a star. There are a lot of rappers with potential, but not all of them live up to it. The potential Lil Tecca has, he decided to see if he could do something with it. According to the fans, Lil Tecca did his job, living up to that. Last summer, Lil Tecca released the We Love You Tecca 2 project and it was met with much fanfare.

We Love You Tecca 2 included Lil Tecca’s single, “Repeat It,” with Gunna. Lil Tecca decided to not release anything until lately. Now that he’s back, Lil Tecca offers his single, “Fallin,” to the masses.

Lil Tecca floats in the air in Fallin music video

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