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Lola Brooke – “On My Mind” [VIDEO]


Lola Brooke – “On My Mind” [VIDEO]

Lola Brooke drops highly anticipated video for On My Mind

Lola Brooke is one of the hottest rising rappers from Brooklyn, right now. Over the past few months, Lola Brooke has seen her stock truly rise. All of the attention is on Lola Brooke and she is not disappointing. The talent was always there, with Lola Brooke. Known as the “718 Princess,” Lola Brooke is out here to deliver. So far, so good, where Lola Brooke is concerned.

Lola Brooke is delivering straight bars, along with fire music. In this day and age, Lola Brooke is aware talent, alone, does not get the job done. As a result, Lola Brooke has a solid team behind her. Together, they have propelled Lola Brooke into being one of the game’s hottest rappers. In other words, Lola Brooke is “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.”

Lola Brooke is getting it in, right now, and everybody is taking notice. Recently, Lola Brooke released “On My Mind” as her latest single. Without doubt, Lola Brooke and her team put a lot into the roll out for this single. When Lola Brooke prepared for the music video, she partnered with BET Jams for the premiere. As a result, Lola Brooke has had a successful premiere for her new visual.

Lola Brooke drops highly anticipated video for On My Mind

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