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LO$ – “Different Colors” [VIDEO]

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LO$ – “Different Colors” [VIDEO]

LO$ returns with music video for Different Colors

LO$, not to be mistaken with King Los, is a rising star. These days, most rappers come from Atlanta, Chicago, Florida, or Toronto. In LO$’s case, he is another Chicago rapper. Despite Chicago having many stars, the city’s impact is overlooked. However, many of the most popular rappers out, right now, are from the Chi. With LO$, he is hoping that he can add his name to that list of hitters.

LO$ recently returned with new music. Two years ago, LO$ began making serious noise. In a short span of time, LO$ has established himself as a rising star. The thing about a rising star is that it either reaches incredible heights, or it crashes. Sadly, more often than not, the rising stars end up crashing. But LO$ has already defied the odds, so he intends to keep defying the odds.

LO$ has been trying to regain his momentum. So far, LO$ has done a good job with that. Recently, LO$ returned with his single, “Different Colors.” With the new single, LO$ has built up good momentum, over the past three days. Along with his single, LO$ has dropped the official music video.

LO$ returns with music video for Different Colors

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