LUCKI and F1LTHY – “2019” [VIDEO]

LUCKI recently released his newest album, Wake Up Lucki. On this project, LUCKI linked with F1LTHY for production. Together, they created a project that’s being hailed as one of the top albums of winter 2021. They have a standout single in “2019.” A song honoring just two winters ago, when life still made sense, they have rave reviews.

Yesterday, LUCKI decided to drop the “2019” music video. LUCKI, like everyone else, is dealing with the pressures of life and society. How he handles it is by going into the booth and making classic material. In the end, LUCKI turned it into “2019.” This song depicts a story of an artist and a fan, but evolves into something more.

Too often, people overlook the fact that artists are people, too. The difference between the artist and the every day man is their choice of platform. LUCKI chose to make music, on a professional level. This is where he can unburden his soul and create gems. Over the years, he’s put together countless memorable tracks.

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