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Ma Barker – “Run Down” (lyric video) [VIDEO]


Ma Barker – “Run Down” (lyric video) [VIDEO]

Ma Barker delivers lyric video for her single Run Down

Ma Barker is well known on the New York rap scene. On the mainstream, the past decade has seen female rappers take over the game. However, Ma Barker was holding it down for female rappers when there were only a handful of successful female rappers. Not only is Ma Barker bringing the attractiveness, she also goes out here and can rap almost everybody’s favorite rapper under the table.

Ma Barker has made a name for herself on the underground New York scene. As a result, Ma Barker has songs with almost all of the major players. Anybody who knows anything about classic New York rap can find Ma Barker featured on records from many well known rappers. In addition, Ma Barker has her own music that has captivated audiences.

Ma Barker came this summer ready to dominate the game. This month, the official summer has come into full swing. As a result, Ma Barker went to work on her newest project. While Ma Barker has not disclosed much about a new album, she did deliver a new single. Recently, Ma Barker dropped “Run Down” as her newest single. This week, Ma Barker returned with the lyric visual.

Ma Barker delivers lyric video for her single Run Down

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