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Melody S. Holt – “Sidechick Award” [VIDEO]


Melody S. Holt – “Sidechick Award” [VIDEO]

Is Melody taking shots at Martell on Sidechick Award?

Melody S. Holt is a rising singer, but she’s best-known for “Love & Marriage Huntsville.” She and Martell were the “it” couple, until they weren’t. Infidelity destroyed their marriage and Martell had a child with another woman. Their breakup has been good for Melody. Now, she is focused on her career, in and outside of real estate.

Into branding, Melody S. Holt has become a singer. Already, she has had good results with her earlier singles. Now, it looks like she may be calling out her ex-husband. On the show, how their marriage ended was described through the season. When she focused on music, Martell even attended her release party.

Melody S. Holt delivered the music video for “Sidechick Award,” on Christmas Eve. The single has made a lot of noise, via the internet. Now, she has the visuals for the single out, showing the growth she has as an artist and a person. This is something people can see her doing outside of real estate and “Love & Marriage Huntsville.”

Is Melody taking shots at Martell on Sidechick Award?

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