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Movies of Hip Hop (2013 NBA Championship Edition): “He Got Game”


Movies of Hip Hop (2013 NBA Championship Edition): “He Got Game”

Hope everybody is enjoying Artists to Know as much as they enjoyed watching the 2013 NBA Finals. That’s just a joke to get a couple laughs on this sunny Saturday afternoon here in Washington, DC. This week has had some of everything and for an NBA fan, it was a dream come true.

The Miami Heat (love them or hate them) went to the NBA Finals for the third straight year and it was the San Antonio Spurs they played this time. Odds were against the Heat, despite the inclusion of Ray Allen on their roster, based on Spurs history. Early in his career, Ray Allen proved to be a promising star, on and off the court.

For those too young to remember, Ray Allen starred opposite Denzel Washington in the hit 1998 film, He Got Game. A classic joint from Spike Lee, Ray Allen tested out his acting chops while using his basketball skill. Ten years later, Ray Allen won his first NBA championship as a Boston Celtic.

With the summer time here, it was the perfect time for Hip Hop Vibe to relaunch the Movies of Hip Hop segment. Dying to talk about the NBA Finals without using Facebook and Twitter, this was the perfect marriage. The actual premise of He Got Game was Ray Allen playing the role of a rising basketball star who was raising his sister after the death of their mother. He is thrown off his game when his father, played by Denzel Washington, wants for form a bond with him.

For movie buffs and basketball fans, He Got Game is the perfect film to check out. But, on the court, Ray Allen disappointed a lot of fans when he joined the Miami Heat. The two teams have been rivals since 2010, when the Celtics beat the Heat in the first round and this rivalry intensified after the Heat beat the Celtics in 2011 and 2012. Since joining the Miami Heat, Ray Allen has proven that he still got game, as he came up big in game six of the 2013 NBA Finals.

Ray Allen brought a lot of star power to Spike Lee’s 1998 film and he brought a much-needed lift to the Miami Heat, as they did something no other NBA franchise has done, defeat the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. All in all, Ray Allen’s got game and regardless of what team is a favorite, he deserves as a second look and the Spike Lee film is a classic, enjoy recaps of the 2013 NBA Finals and clips from He Got Game below.

See the He Got Game movie cover below:

He Got GameWatch the “one on one” scene off He Got Game below:
Very poignant scene, hands down the best of the film.

Watch Ray Allen nail the 3-point shot in game six below:

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