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Nas – “Ugly” [VIDEO]


Nas – “Ugly” [VIDEO]

Nas delivers music video for his single Ugly

Nas released his most recent album, Magic, in December. Since 2018, Nas has released a new project almost every year. However, Nas is becoming more recognized for his work in the business and tech communities. A few years ago, Nas was a part of the Ring app’s sale, which earned him $40 million. Nas has his hands in a few of those types of apps.

As Nas continues to diversify his business interests, his net worth is climbing. While Nas isn’t on the list as a Forbes cash king, he is wealthier than most. Nas has a reported net worth of $90 million, which has nearly doubled from where it was in 2018. Handling various projects means Nas doesn’t necessarily have to rap. Not having that pressure allows Nas to go in and create more.

Nas released “Ugly” as a part of his project, Magic. At the end of 2021, Nas released Magic, giving his fans something to open 2022 with. Of course, Nas has found himself overlooked by the antics of Kanye West, as 2022 has taken form. Already, Nas has momentum from his project, even though it’s overlooked. But, Nas claimed the spotlight, as he released the “Ugly” music video today.

Nas delivers music video for his single Ugly

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